These 40 Teenagers Took Prom To The Next Level – And Their Outfits Were Red Carpet-Worthy

When it comes to important dates, the prom is arguably the biggest for high school students across the land. Add to that its portrayal in teen movies, and youngsters’ expectations go into orbit. So you can understand that when it comes to outfit choices, some teenagers don’t hold back. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 40 incredible get-ups that will turn a few heads.

40) The Sparkling Leopard Print Dress

Even striking prom dresses are fairly basic in their design and appearance. But clearly this isn’t one of those. Indeed, given Leopard print stands out anyway, there were probably a few raised eyebrows when this teen arrived at her dance. You see, the sparkly stones in the middle – we can’t verify exactly what they are sadly – give it even more bling.

39) The Rose Outfit

There’s just something about roses, isn’t there? These pinkish blooms are absolutely beautiful in a bouquet, and equally eye-catching in the garden. But would you want to buy a prom dress with rose flower patterns? This young lady was willing to take the plunge, and appeared quite satisfied with the results.

38) The Captain Marvel Look

Thanks to the likes of Marvel and DC, superheroes are very much the in-thing right now. So one teenager decided to base her look off of Captain Marvel’s famous colors. Rocking both a red dress and a blue number, either choice would’ve been befitting for a Carol Danvers fan.

37) The Sparkly Dress


If you’re struggling to find the right dress for prom, you usually can’t go wrong with a red number. However, this high school student took things to another level with her selection. The flowing outfit would’ve looked great on its own, but the abundance of sparkles were sure to draw plenty of extra attention.

36) The Velvet Number

For a lot of girls, picking out the correct color for their prom dress is absolutely imperative. But what about the material? Well, this teen decided to focus on the latter, which led to some stunning results. Proudly sporting a velvet outfit in dark red, you’d have to believe that she turned a few heads.

35) The Starry-Eyed (Constellation) Dress


When gazing up at the night sky, we can be greeted by some incredible constellations. Indeed, they’re a beautiful sight. But how would you feel wearing a dress that mirrored those visuals? Well, one girl thought it was the perfect choice for her prom, bringing the planetarium to the dance floor.

34) The Flower Head Dress

If you’re not that fussed about the color of your prom dress, you can never go wrong with a white outfit. Well, so long as the date doesn’t think he’s in for an early wedding. For this teenager, though, she decided to pick out something a little different. As you can see, the lower half of the gown is covered in flower head patterns. They go well with her bouquet, at least.

33) The Red Dress


As we suggested earlier, red is a strikingly good color for a prom dress. One high school student seemed to agree with that sentiment, buying an outfit in the aforementioned shade. But this particular garment also included some eye-popping patterns on its top half, which really glimmered under the light.

32) The Blue and Gold Outfit

Unsurprisingly, there are countless prom dresses on the market today that vary in style and appearance. And some girls prefer to stick with plain designs, while others opt for outfits covered in patterns. This teen was in the latter category, as she picked out a beautiful blue number that featured golden markings. Still, you could be excused for thinking the design would suit a pair of curtains too.

31) The Belle of The Ball Look


Is it just us, or do all Disney princesses have perfect dresses? Over the years, those characters have been decked out in some incredible outfits, stunning girls everywhere. So with that said, does this prom dress look a little familiar? We’re getting major Belle vibes. The Beast might just be out of shot.

30) The Jewel Dress

Black dresses could seem like an odd choice at first, but they can be just as eye-catching as the more colorful numbers. That being said, a unique design could change everything. And that’s certainly the case here, as the top half is adorned with jewels, creating a breathtaking pattern.

29) The Extravagant Number


Sometimes all you can say is wow! And that certainly applies here. You see, this high schooler opted to select a black prom dress with a difference. As you can see, the garment has been flooded with an extravagant gold pattern from top to bottom. Now, she definitely wouldn’t look out of place at the Oscars, let alone a prom.

28) The Red Carpet Dress

“Another red dress!” we hear you cry. Well, this one’s a bit different. Unlike them, this prom outfit doesn’t contain any obvious quirks that make it stand out. Instead, the simplistic design speaks for itself. And you’d be forgiven for thinking that the young lady was heading to a red carpet event.

27) The Gold Goddess Butterfly Look


So far we’ve looked at prom dresses in some fairly conventional colors. But this teen’s selection clearly bucks the trend. Yes, her golden outfit really is quite something, with the lower half filling out the ground beneath her. But we imagine her fellow classmates had to watch their step on the dance floor.

26) The 1920s Glamour Couple

Who said the classic 1920s tux and glamorous silver-lined dress were dead? You see, this young couple opted to go for old-fashioned fashionable numbers ahead of their prom. And we’re sure you’ll agree, the pair look like they’ve just walked out of The Great Gatsby. They just better watch out for the old fraudster himself.

25) The Classy Number


While you might think otherwise, extravagant outfits don’t always stick out for negative reasons, especially if they’re pulled off correctly. We’d argue that this prom dress falls into that category. Although it boasts a significantly sparkly design, the gold number has a real classy feel to it. The teen’s on to a winner here.

24) The Baby Blue Dress

If you love the color blue, you’re sure to have a favorite shade. For some, baby blue is the ideal choice as it’s much more modest in tone. And it’s certainly a unique option for a prom dress, with this young woman taking the plunge. Thanks to the patterns, it’s an outfit that probably turned a few heads at school.

23) The Highlighter Dress


Well, where do we start? Fluorescent yellow might not strike you as the best color for a prom dress. Or any dress really. But this particular shade, which resembles that of a highlighter pen, is perhaps different. In fact, it’s an incredibly bold outfit, so you have to give props to the teenager for pulling it off. And she even made sure her hair color matched, too.

22) The Glitzy Dress

When paired with certain colors, sparkles can really pop. In this instance, they certainly stand out on the silver prom dress, immediately catching your eye. As a result, the outfit has a proper glitzy feel to it, which was no doubt picked up on at the girl’s high school.

21) The Green King and Queen


If you’ve got a date for prom, you might want to look for a pair of matching outfits. After all, who’s to say that won’t help you snag the prom king and queen titles? However, this couple went down a slightly different route. Instead of going for a traditional match, the guy’s white suit contained elements of his partner’s green dress.

20) The White Dress

Much like black dresses, their white counterparts can also be accused of being a little bland sometimes. But you definitely couldn’t level that at this stunning prom outfit. As you can see, the garment boasts an eye-catching pattern from top to bottom, gleaming under the light. A real classy choice, wouldn’t you say?

19) The Sexy Number


While we’ve mainly touched on colors and patterns, there are other ways for prom dresses to stand out from the crowd. Take this effort for instance. Although it’s another red outfit, it features a significant split in the lower half. With that in mind, you have to admire the teenager’s confidence.

18) The Blue Number

As mentioned before, the color blue has many different shades. Here, this high schooler opted for a power blue dress, especially when compared to the baby blue effort earlier. It’s a simple prom outfit with few bells and whistles attached, but it still manages to stand out.

17) The Glittery Duo


Now that’s bling! Remember what we said about matching prom outfits? Well, this couple certainly went the extra mile with their selections. Whether you like them or not is another matter. Either way, the get-ups are definitely unique, as the suit and dress are completely covered in glitter. We don’t envy the school cleaners one bit.

16) The Fur Lovers

So you thought the glittery couple couldn’t be topped? In this instance, the teenagers have gone for a very different stylistic choice, with the guy rocking a stunning fur coat. Meanwhile, his partner decided to wear an eye-catching golden dress, which included elements of fur too. So what duo do you prefer?

15) The Dark Blue Number


“Blue again!” you may cry. However, this young woman is showcasing a beautiful navy blue number that’ll leave your jaws on the floor. In addition to the cool color, the dress also features a lovely pattern that stretches down from the shoulders to the torso. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better outfit at that particular prom.

14) The Flower Power Protagonist

As you’ve probably noticed, prom dresses have made up the majority of this list. Yet for a brief moment, we’re going to turn our attention to one of the boys. You see, this teen went to his dance wearing a rather loud blazer, covered in floral patterns. It’s a unique look, but it actually complemented the rest of his outfit and is rather tasteful, we think.

13) The Dress Fit For A Carriage


Well, this is an interesting sight. Given the significance of prom, teenagers look to arrive at the event in real style. But could anyone top this young lady’s entrance to her dance? We doubt it. To add to that, she wore a flowing blue dress with a silver top as well, which would’ve garnered even more attention.

12) The Green Cape

Have you ever wondered why capes never caught on? No, we haven’t either. In any case, this high school student went all in with his prom outfit. Rocking a lime green shirt and a pair of trousers, he opted to cap off the look with a beautiful cape. Now, you wouldn’t lose sight of him at the dance.

11) The Lilac Dress


We’ve looked at a range of different colored prom dresses so far, with some sticking out more than others. This marks the first lilac entry on the list, and it’s certainly intriguing. While the outfit isn’t adorned with different patterns, the style of the gown could just nab this lady the prom queen title.

10) The Silver Mask

You’ve seen dresses. You’ve seen blazers. You’ve even seen a cape. However, this teenager is rocking a beautiful silver gown with something a little different. Yes, she’s also wearing a matching eye mask, complete with silver tassels. As far as unique looks go, that’ll take some beating.

9) The Look of A Prince


Remember what we said about Disney princesses? Well, the same argument could apply to their princes too, as they wear some incredible outfits of their own. Keeping that in mind, this guy wouldn’t look out of place in any royal family. Sporting a dark green jacket and white trousers, he appears more than ready for prom.

8) The Mauve Number

Certain colors have a knack of catching your eye, regardless of the shade. And this teen opted for one of those colors, deciding to wear a mauve dress to the prom. The garment also featured some nice patterns on the top half, which stretched down to the skirt. The boy in the background (right) appeared to be suitably impressed.

7) The Cardi B Look


Has there ever been a time when someone’s told you that you resemble a celebrity? Well, we’re beginning to wonder if this high schooler can relate. You see, she wore a stunning long red dress for her prom, which included some interesting patterns. Due to that look, we’re getting major Cardi B vibes here.

6) The Two Tone Dress

Up to now, we’ve spoken about prom dresses that are largely the same color. But here, this young lady opted for a two tone outfit, which offers up an intriguing visual. As you can see, the top half of the dress is silver, while the lower part’s dark red. Whoever her date is, they’ll be lucky to be seen with her.

5) The Dress Fit For A Boy


Want to hear a feel-good story? Teenager Xavier Parkins (pictured far right) was a high school student in Derby, England, and planned to make a big splash at his prom. So he arrived at the dance wearing a pink gown and a blonde wig. In the end, Parkins’ efforts were rewarded when he was named the prom queen.

4) The Pink Number

It could be argued that pink is one of the hardest colors to pull off effectively. Yet this teen had no such trouble ahead of her high school prom. Decked out in a flowing pink gown, the garment featured some pretty white patterns as well, located around the torso and hips.

3) The Hoverboard Outfit


Sometimes a picture like this says a thousand words. Of all the entries so far, it might be the strangest. The student is dressed in an all-white outfit, complete with gold chains and sunglasses. He’s also riding a hoverboard with a wad of cash in his hand. Whatever you feel about it, he’s certainly committed to the look.

2) The Navy and Gold Dress

As we begin to wind things down, let’s take a look at the final prom dress on this list. You could say it’s one of the classiest outfits here, as the young woman rocks a flowing navy garment that reaches her feet. In addition to that, the midriff has a golden pattern that helps break things up.

1) The Chadwick Boseman (Priest) Look


Has a celebrity ever inspired your stylistic choices like this guy? Well, this teenager took a leaf out of Chadwick Boseman’s book ahead of his prom, wearing an identical white jacket to the film star. Alongside that, he opted for a white blazer and trousers with golden patterns. But you’d still have to agree that neither Chadwick or this guy would look out of place leading the faithful in church.