40 Optical Illusions That Reveal A Lot About Your Character

According to research conducted by experts at Queen’s University in Ontario, the typical human brain processes about 6,200 thoughts each day. In case you haven’t already done the math, that’s a new thought every 14 seconds. But did you know that how your brain analyzes information reveals a lot about your personality? Take these optical illusions, for example. What you see in them – or put another way, how your mind interprets them – may say more about you than you realize.

40. Your loving nature explained

This illustration is purported to reveal your romantic style. If you can see an old man you’re open to amorous grand gestures, but they’re not the way to your heart. You prefer to invest time and energy into a relationship to make it last the distance. If you see the man riding a horse, you’re thought to be restless in search of the perfect partner. So much so, in fact, that you risk missing them completely.

If your focus is on a girl lying by the river, though, it’s likely that you’ve been hurt before and fear commitment because of it. But if the stone bridge resonates with you then you prefer the idea of falling in love to actually falling in love. You’re a free spirit who loves adventures. Perhaps you could benefit from taking a partner on an epic journey with you.

39. Trees, Roots or Lips?

The vision that resonates most clearly with you when initially glancing at this image might be one of three. It could be a dense forest, or its abundant roots. Alternatively, it might be a plump pair of lips. And whatever you spotted on the first glimpse might give away how you approach a given situation.

For instance, if you saw trees first then the Bright Side website claims you’re ambitious and more driven than most, perhaps with perfectionist tendencies. The roots say you’re more progressive and strive for improvement. But if the lips were most prominent then you tend to take situations at face value and don’t read too deeply into anything.


38. Cliff, cat or face?

What stood out to you first in this image? Perhaps you spotted the cliff, in which case, according to Bright Side, you’re an optimist who adapts well to changing circumstances. Or maybe you saw the white cat curled up on the clifftop? That suggests you’re someone who likes stability and whose word is strong as oak, while mental and emotional balance are attributes that you prize highly.

On the other hand, if the first feature of the image that jumped out to you was a face, then that’s a sign of creativity. You see the world as a place of opportunity and a desire to sate curiosity is high on your list of priorities in life, along with happiness and wisdom. Maybe you’re also naturally intuitive with a fondness for literature, poetry, music and art.


37. Explosion or lovers?

If you haven’t learned anything about yourself yet, perhaps this apocalyptic image will offer a clue. Or is it necessarily the end of the world? Indeed, if it’s an explosion that you see then you may be easily scared. And, Bright Side claims, you can be forgetful with a fear of the unknown. The website suggests you may even be at war with yourself.

However, if you look more closely at the image, something emerges from the billowing smoke. It’s a couple caught in a passionate embrace. And if that’s what stood out to you when you first saw the image it’s suggested that relationships are incredibly important to you. Whether it’s family, friends or a partner, they’ll always take priority in your life.


36. Shakespeare or a woman in bed?

Oleg Shuplyak is an architect by trade. But in his spare time, the Ukranian creative likes to make mind-bending art incorporating famous faces with more day-to-day imagery. And what you can see reveals a lot about your personality, particularly your least desirable characteristics. Take this William Shakespeare portrait as an example. What can you see here?

If it was The Bard himself, apparently people may be put off by your self-centredness, whereas if you spotted the woman lying on the bed, then romantic partners may be turned off by your slapdash nature. Can you see the man in a turban? Then it’s possible you’re the covetous type. Finally, if you spotted the rose on the floor then your naive nature is potentially off-putting. That’s according to the analysis on the website Your Tango, not us.


35. Frog or horse?

For many people, an image of a frog leaps out of this illustration – pun completely intended. What that says about them is that they are forthright, and have a no-fluff approach to communicating with others. They’re seen as reliable, dependable and confident. But if you tilt your head to the side, it might not be a frog you see.

No, when the illustration is rotated a horse may be more obvious. If that’s the case then you’re considered to be contemplative with an analytical mind. Not everything is necessarily as it first appears to you and you’re prone to looking for deeper meaning in things. Perhaps you navigate through life with a critical mindset, but you’re unlikely to be swayed by others’ opinions.


34. Bears or mountains?

Ah, a stunning snowy mountain vista. Indeed, if that was your first impression of this beautiful image then you’re probably perceived as intuitive. You’ve come to trust your gut responses to situations when making decisions, a method you usually find reliable. On the other hand, perhaps you couldn’t see the mountains for the grey bears.

Usually instinct would tell you to flee when confronted with bears. But if that’s the prominent image you see here then you have a very analytical approach to decision-making. You like to look at all aspects of a problem to fully understand it in order to come up with an efficient solution – which should still be to calmly walk away when you see a bear!


33. Tree or faces?

It’s perhaps pointing out the obvious to say that there is a tree in this image. If that’s the first thing you see then you’re said to enjoy your own company. You may like to distance yourself from others, but you do like to be among nature and the people you value the most. And you’ll do your best to avoid upsetting others. But is a tree all you can see?

If you look a little closer, you might see a couple gazing at each other. Maybe that was the first thing that stood out to you. If that’s the case then you’re a romantic deep down. Love and understanding are important qualities, and you are an outgoing optimist. Your rationality and thoughtfulness can tame even the most unsettled and flustered people.


32. Face or flowers?

It’s not unusual to notice the face of a beautiful woman. But if you spot the one in this image then it can reveal something about your personality. And no, it doesn’t mean a wandering eye. In this instance it means you’re tuned into your immediate environment. You can identify factors that will lead you to make the correct judgments and appraisals.

But what if you can’t see the woman’s face and only flowers? Well, Bright Side surmises that you’re a naturalist. You may be likely to recharge from the fast pace of life by relaxing in nature. You have a strong appreciation for the world you live in, but you also like to get away from it all once in a while.


31. Cat or mouse?

If you tell someone you can see a big blue cat they’ll probably offer you medication or at the very least an eye examination. But if you see a cat in this image it actually means you’re a realist. You navigate life with a lack of fantasy, and by seeing the world in a bigger picture you’re able to better plot your way through it.

However, if it’s a mouse that you can see then you have an optimistic disposition. You like to try and find the positives in any scenario. Some might believe you have flights of fancy, but really you’re in tune with your surroundings. It’s just that you happen to always see the glass as half-full.


30. Skull or woman at the window?

You may see a woman with her back to the viewer looking out of a window in this image. If that’s what stands out to you, look out! It may mean that you’re unaware of impending dangers, even deadly ones. Though you’re occasionally impulsive, you also have a childlike innocence and disastrous outcomes may catch you unawares.

But if the sight of a skull is more prominent to you, then you have a more realistic approach to life. Anyone who’s not close to you might perceive you as a cynic. But really you have a pragmatic view of the world rather than a pessimistic one and just accept that nothing lasts forever.


29. Saxophonist or woman’s face?

On first appearance, this may look like a Rorschach inkblot. But look more carefully and you might pick out a saxophone player. If you do, then the left side of your brain dominates your thinking. That means you’re excellent at analyzing things, and are probably good with numbers and foreign languages. Your critical thinking makes you the go-to person among your friends for advice.

On the other hand, if you can’t see the picture of a saxophonist for the image of a woman, then the right side of your brain tends to dominate. That means you’re a creative type and you tend to use multiple forms of artistic expression. Your emotional intelligence is strong and you tend to get imaginative when it comes to overcoming life’s hurdles.


28. Squirrel or duck?

This illusion identifies which side of your brain is dominant. If the animal you see in the illustration is a squirrel, then it’s said that you’re a logical thinker, great at analyzing things. That’s a sign of the left side of your brain being the one that does a lot of the conscious work.

Conversely, if it’s a duck that looks more obvious to you then the right side of your brain is the one with the greatest influence. Your talents revolve around being creative and artistic rather than the methodical and analytical style of those left-side brainers. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean one side of your brain is disconnected from the other, just that they’re different.


27. Seal or donkey?

If the first animal you spotted in this illustration was a seal, congratulations! You display a very impressive attention to detail. You’re a master of logic, which will aid your position in any argument. You’re a whizz at mathematics and calculations. What’s more, your flair for analytics means you can learn new languages with relative ease.

On the other hand, if the predominant image for you is of a donkey then you’re massively intuitive. You like to work autonomously, without interference from supervisors and your freedom means a lot to you. You might have a sixth sense for predicting consequences. Furthermore, you like to consider all possibilities when making plans so you can choose the best option.


26. Girl, skull or outdoors scene?

This illusion has three layers. If the girl is the most prominent thing in the image then it’s said you’re a creative type with an air of mystery. This draws people to you, and can be the source of envy in others for rousing so much attention. You’re an enigma when it comes to relationships, preferring to open up to a partner gradually.

If you saw the outside view, you’re reckoned to be accountable and trusting with a great sense of humor. You’re usually surrounded by people and can influence the mood in social situations. Yet if a skull is most obvious to you, it apparently means you’re caring and understanding. You’re able to assess circumstances without bias and adapt well, because you’re a fast learner. You’re smart, generous, well respected and charming.


25. Lion or bird?

If this illustration appears to you to be a lion, then you like to dig deep on issues. You’re very brave, even when it comes to facing your own insecurities. Psychologists tell us that our subconscious acts as a kind of dumping ground for everything we experience in our lives, even the things we don’t remember. All the same, everything in our subconscious influences our conscious behavior.

With so much to absorb on a day-to-day basis, our brain selects the information that is most relevant to us so that we don’t become overwhelmed. So if that means you see an exotic bird in this image, YouTube channel 1 Million Tests suggests it means you can be a daydreamer and a bit absent-minded. But you’re imaginative and strive to make the world a better place.


24. Village or elephant?

There are two things going on in this illustration. It might be that the most obvious is a village scene, with what appears to be straw huts, trees and a flock of birds. Anyone who sees that image most prominently is believed to be a stickler for routine and enjoys the simpler things in a quiet life. But there’s something else in the picture which may not be obvious straight away.

Yes, look deeper and you’ll see the outline of an elephant in the sketch. But if that’s the one that seems obvious to you, then it’s been suggested that you treat others with respect and are a fiercely loyal friend who listens to others’ problems intently. And we stress than in no way does it suggest anything about the size of your ears.


23. How many dogs?

Like a lot of people, you may be able to see the rear end of a dog in this image, its tail floating behind it as it scurries off the right side of the frame. If that’s you, then you’re somebody who tries to be creative when it comes to solving your problems. As well as logic, you might well apply an outside-the-box approach to addressing any issues.

Fewer people notice the dog’s snout pointing into the picture from the left of the frame. But if you did, then you have a very rational approach to life. You tend to solve problems using your head rather than your heart, with a practical approach to tackling issues that concern you.


22. Crocodiles or bird?

What do you see here? If it’s two crocodiles touching snouts, then you’re someone who likes to be in the driving seat. It’s said you’re probably far better at being in control than you are at taking orders from other people. However, as a leader, you’re unlikely to rule with an iron fist. Rather, you’re attentive to your followers’ needs.

But if it’s a bird that you see in this image then the roles are reversed. You’re the one who serves others well. That’s not to say you’re a pushover or subordinate, it’s just the role in which you most shine. And, as somebody who is friendly, agreeable and affable, you’re seen as a person who can be relied on.


21. Squirrels or woman’s face?

According to the Bright Side website, the first thing a majority of people see in this illustration is a couple of squirrels perched on a tree limb. Now, they’re not suggesting these people are lazy, but they do tend to see things in the round without much effort. They easily solve problems without looking too deeply into them.

An alternative view is that of a woman’s face, which not everyone can see at all, much less straight away. Try looking at it with your head tilted to the left. But if it was the first thing you saw then you’re unusually attentive. This might benefit you in social situations as well as in the workplace.


20. Crocodile or boat?

What’s the first thing you see when you look at the image above? Is it a silhouette of a crocodile, teeth bared and with its nose pointing toward the left of the picture? Or do those “teeth” actually appear as waves lapping at the side of a boat with two figures aboard?

Well, if the boat stood out, website The Powerful Mind says that you’re likely to pay attention to the little things. You’ll probably also come across as inventive, idiosyncratic and even unique; at the same time, though, you should take care not to get lost in specifics. If you saw the crocodile, on the other hand, you’re likely to be more pragmatic and wary. Take a few chances sometimes if you can.


19. Pillars or figures?

One of two images should come into view here depending on whether you focus on the lighter elements or the darker areas. At first glance, you’ll probably have noticed either three white columns or two shadowy figures. And, intriguingly, what you spotted could tell the world a lot about how you live your life.

If the pillars stood out, then The Powerful Mind claims that it’s likely you prefer safety and calm. You may also spend more time thinking about your objectives rather than working toward achieving them – meaning, from time to time, you may have to take risks even if they feel uncomfortable. If the figures are more prominent, however, this suggests that you’re mercurial and perhaps a bit of a maverick. Your curiosity prevails over any instincts you may have to stay in one place.


18. Woman or man?

What do you see in this image? If it’s the back of a young woman’s head, then, according to The New Zealand Herald, you’re inquisitive and see the positives in life. You may also enjoy charity work or helping people in need in your community. Be wary of making knee-jerk decisions, though, even if you’re likely to see tasks through to completion.

If, on the other hand, you initially perceived an old man with a mustache, then The New Zealand Herald assesses you as loyal, trustworthy and level-headed. You’re likely to be dependable and honest with an ability to find the right way forward and lead others to this, too. Still, while you’ll usually follow a carefully plotted course to avoid impetuous choices, you should be mindful that aspiring to perfection can be stressful.


17. Explosion or thumbs?

This image was created by the Israeli artist Noma Bar, who specializes in using negative space to create ambiguous illustrations. And of his work, he has explained, “An artist using ‘negative space’ relies on the space that surrounds the subject to provide shape and meaning to the hidden images. Of course, the term also refers to any topic that conjures feelings of unease and discomfort.” So, what exactly do you see here?

Perhaps the yellow-to-red gradient looks like an explosion. If that’s the case, then according to website The Wonder List you have good organizational skills and outstanding leadership qualities. If, however, you immediately see the black space that looks like two thumbs, then you have compassion for others and are kind and generous.


16. Old or young?

This more complex image is the work of Mexican surrealist Octavio Ocampo. He produces art that is open to interpretation by the viewer and where, as he puts it, “nothing is quite as it seems.” So, what’s the first thing you spot in this piece, Forever Always?

Well, some may see an old couple looking back to their youth when they were carefree and having fun. If this is what comes to mind first, then you’ve lived a satisfying life and are content with how it has played out. If you initially perceive the young couple, however, then you may still be relatively youthful and carefree – and safe in the knowledge that you have a good support network around you.


15. Binoculars, car or letter?

There are not two but three things you may see when looking at this image for the first time. You could have spotted a man wearing a hat looking through a set of binoculars, for instance. Alternatively, you may notice a car perpendicular to a road. Or maybe the letter “A” even jumped out at you first?

If you saw the man, then, it’s suggested that you’re better at seeing life in the round rather than sweating the small stuff. If the car initially grabbed your attention, however, then you value liberty and moving through the world according to your own rhythm – even if you may get caught up on finer details. And the letter “A”? Well, if you visualized that first, then you may have a strong ability to think laterally.


14. Faces or candlestick?

Does this image show two faces staring at each other? If that’s what you see, then according to The Powerful Mind you’re an extrovert who loves social gatherings. You’re the center of attention at parties, and your energy levels are given a boost when you are interacting with others – especially if they’re on the same wavelength.

However, if you saw a candlestick first, then The Powerful Mind describes you as less of a people person. You’re probably contemplative –perhaps even shy – and prefer to be left with your thoughts. It’s more likely that you relish alone time at home rather than going to parties, and you prefer the company of a few select people to mingling with crowds.


13. It’s all about gender…

There are multiple perspectives to this illusion depending on whether you are a man or a woman. The Powerful Mind says, for instance, that women who see the man’s face first may either be looking for a passionate romance or are already closely bonded to a current partner. If they notice a woman’s face first, though, then they are likely to be mentally strong and self-assured.

Similarly, men who see the woman’s face to begin with may be on the lookout for a long-term partner with whom to settle down. If they spot the man’s face first, though, then they may have worries about bonding with other men – be it at work, among friends or in social spaces.


12. Moon or birds?

What do you notice at first glance in the above image? Do you see a round face with a mustache and closed eyes? Or do you perceive two birds in front of a full moon in the night sky? Well, the answer to that question could give valuable insight into how you interact with people around you.

If you saw the face first, for instance, then The Wonder List suggests that you are tactful, personable and do your best to avoid disagreements. Your instincts serve you well, too. On the other hand, if you noticed the birds initially, then you’re likely upbeat and hospitable with a knack for getting on with strangers. Often, you’re also a good sounding board for those close to you.


11. Mask or figure?

Can you see a superhero mask? Or is it lingerie? While to some, this picture obviously shows Peter Parker’s crime-fighting disguise, for others there’s clearly a white bra on a red background. So, what immediately comes to mind when you gaze at this image?

Well, The Wonder List claims that if you saw Spider-Man, then you have a very placid, reticent and unflappable nature. You’re probably a stickler for tradition, too, and don’t enjoy rocking the boat. If you noticed a bra, on the other hand, then you generally seek out excitement in your life and are open to trying new things. You also take each day as it comes and generally live life without regrets.


10. Bird or feline?

This image was created by the U.K. investment and loans company Funding Circle. And it’s the firm’s belief that what you see first can determine what kind of role would best suit you. Professional types that Funding Circle has identified include the go-to person, the business creative and the big-picture thinker. So, do you see a lynx or bird in flight here?

Well, if you spotted the lynx first, then it’s Funding Circle’s belief that you’re the type of person who can see the big picture. This would make you suitable for jobs that involve brainstorming, team assembly and project management. If, however, you saw the bird, then you’re more of a go-getter with entrepreneurial flair. People will depend on you to get the job done.


9. Old or young?

This well-known optical illusion – created in this form by William Ely Hill – dates all the way back to the early 20th century, although it may have existed in other incarnations even before that. And research carried out by two professors of psychology suggests that people see different things in the picture depending upon how old they are.

The illustration is called “My Wife or Mother-In-Law,” and academics at Flinders University in Adelaide showed it to 393 people aged from 18 to 68. And the Australian study showed that the eldest 10 percent of participants saw the old woman looking toward the bottom left of the frame first. The youngest 10 percent, by contrast, initially spotted a more youthful woman peering over her right shoulder.


8. Vase or silhouettes?

This is Vase Ambiguous Figure, devised by Danish philosopher and psychologist Edgar John Rubin in 1915. You may also know it as Rubin’s Face or Figure-Ground Vase. And those names clue you in to what you may see in the image. Do you spot a vase first, or can you see two people looking towards each other?

It’s been suggested that those who initially see a vase have the ability to see an overarching view of a situation. If that’s you, then you’re probably also someone who has little regard for detail. Those who immediately home in on the faces, however, tend to be more in tune with the finer points of matters, and so they may realize the importance of smaller actions in achieving a greater goal.


7. Skull or woman?

This 1892 illustration by Charles Allan Gilbert is called All Is Vanity, and – depending on your perspective – you may immediately notice either a foreboding skull or a woman gazing into a mirror. What does that all mean? Well, if you see the skull to begin with, you may tend towards broad views; spot the woman first, however, and you’re likely more detail-oriented.

There are other interpretations of the illustration, however. As the woman seems to be staring at her reflection, she may be considered a little narcissistic; the skull, meanwhile, is perhaps an insinuation that we’re all the same underneath. It could be said, then, that what viewers see first is an indication of how they value themselves.


6. How many superheroes?

What is the proper plural of Batman? Is it Batmans? Or Batmen? And while you may think there can only be one masked avenger patrolling Gotham City, there are two in this image. Or are there? Maybe you see arguably the most fearsome of superheroes, Wolverine – he of the metal claws and surly disposition – instead.

This is a more modern take on optical illusions. It’s said, you see, that those who originally spot two Batmans – or Batmen – facing each other are fans of DC Comics. Those who see the tufts of Wolverine, on the other hand, are apparently more partial to rival Marvel Comics.


5. Lots to spot…

There are multiple symbols to be found in this image. Can you spot balloons, roses, a tilted cross, an open book, a lion, a tie, a heart and a smiley face? Well, pay attention to which you saw first, as according to website Your Tango it may reveal a lot about your personality.

Apparently, if you spotted the open book initially, you’re smart and instinctive; if it was the roses, however, you’re calm and see the virtue in everything. The tilted cross means you’re giving and faithful, while the balloons signify an upbeat nature and an active imagination. If the heart stood out, meanwhile, you’re tender and affectionate, while seeing the lion first means you’re intrepid and fearless. And the smiley face represents jocularity and optimism – in contrast to the tie, which stands for diligence and resolve.


4. Coming or going?

The photographer Joaquim Alves Gaspar shot this image of a man in a tunnel in around 1970. As only the individual’s silhouette is visible, though, it’s impossible to tell whether he’s walking away from the lens or toward it. So, what does your interpretation say about you?

Funnily enough, there’s no definitive answer to this. It could be, though, that the observer’s point of view suggests they naturally possess either a positive or negative state of mind. Fear of people leaving is sometimes linked to anxiety, for instance. And, by contrast, perhaps those who believe the man is walking toward the camera generally have a more positive outlook on life.


3. Woman or skull?

At first glance, you may think that this is an image of a skull. On closer inspection, though, you may also see a woman leaning forward and grasping her head between her knees. And according to The Powerful Mind, if the skull was your first pick, then you may be indecisive and lack clarity in your direction.

Conversely, if you saw the woman first, The Powerful Mind suggests that you’re defensive in your responses. You see, her posture is a very shielding one – something to which you may relate. The website explains, “The woman represents your inner regret, and [the image] could shed some light on regrets in your own life.”


2. Color me confused…

Colors, too, can play a part in character analysis. Take this image as an example. Which shade is most prominent in your eyes – blue, yellow or turquoise? Well, yet again, your answer could give a surprising insight into your temperament.

If you see a lot of turquoise, then The Wonder List claims you’re a restless risk-taker whose imagination fuels a creative streak. Those who mostly notice the deeper blue, on the other hand, are very analytical and have perfectionist tendencies. And if yellow dominates for you, then apparently you’re both easygoing and adaptable.


1. The elephant in the room…

At first glance, it’s fairly easy to see the silhouette of an elephant in this image. However, spend a little longer gazing at the picture, and other animals may finally reveal themselves. Can you see a cat, a dog or a mouse – maybe even a donkey? And the greater the number of creatures you spot, the more clues are revealed about your personality.

According to The Wonder List,  you’re unconcerned with details and maybe even dreamy if you can only see up to three animals. Manage between four and seven, meanwhile, and you’re more attentive – though lacking in motivation to try harder. And if you notice between eight and 13, you perhaps inevitably possess a knack for spotting details.


Surprised at how accurate these interpretations are? Well, that’s not all we know about you. Depending on your star sign, you see, we can tell you even more about how you tick and how you live your life – including the less wholesome aspects of your psyche…

You don’t need to have majored in astrology to know about star signs and what they can supposedly tell us about our personalities. But you may not be aware that not all the traits apparently linked with your birth date are positive. Indeed, each star sign carries its own list of negative traits, too. And some are creepier than others – from Cancer’s martyrdom complex to Capricorn’s murderous fantasies.


There are 12 star signs in all, split up along sections of the annual path that the sun appears to take as the Earth orbits it, known as the ecliptic. Think of it as a fictional line drawn across the stars, marking out eclipses and constellations. And it’s these star clusters that correlate with the zodiac signs, including Aries, Gemini and Capricorn.

Thousands of years ago, the Babylonians began using astrology to track seasons and weather patterns. Later, the Greeks and Romans employed it to predict events including wars and natural disasters. But it was the ancient Egyptians who are thought to have first used the zodiac signs, attributing various characteristics to each one.


Indeed, these historic civilizations saw a link between the Earth’s orbit around the sun, the planets and the stars and believed that they affected humanity’s traits. The 12 signs were also divided into four subcategories – air, earth, water and fire – with each one supposedly determining a person’s finances, relationships and other circumstances.

The individual star signs, meanwhile, are all believed to be linked to personal traits, in correlation with the planets. In 2000 B.C., in fact, astrologers from Babylon thought that the five then-known planets – Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter – along with the sun and moon, all had various “powers,” such as Mars’s tendency towards war and aggression (as the red planet).


Today, the star signs are still used in similar ways through the likes of horoscopes. By charting the movements and positions of the planets, moon and sun, along with other celestial bodies, astrologers believe that they can pinpoint a person’s characteristics and personality. Whether these theories about the star signs hold any water, however, is up for debate.

Indeed, there’s no scientific reasoning or any studies confirming either the authenticity of horoscopes, or whether the position of the stars can really tell us anything about our personalities or lives. Either way, though, the attributes that a star sign can supposedly reveal about us aren’t necessarily wholly positive. Indeed, some of them can be downright creepy…


Aries is obsessed with death

If you’ve ever had murderous thoughts as an Aries, you’re probably not alone. In fact, it’s one of three signs associated with death, and as a fire sign, this particular association is “death by fire.” Rather than wanting to burn everyone, though, Aries’ apparent predilection for flames is simply a yearning to be cleansed, so you can purify those nasty thoughts with some meditation.


Taurus is a stalker

Hell hath no fury like a Taurus scorned – at least according to Stella Hyde, author of Darkside Zodiac. Indeed, the writer claims that Taurus-born folks are more likely to take rejection badly. And when you can’t move on, you cling on – even to what you don’t have. Even something as seemingly benign as following an ex-partner on social media can easily translate into stalking.

Gemini is a liar

The world isn’t black and white – as Geminis are well aware – and apparently, they often use that point to twist the truth whenever they can. In fact, sometimes a Gemini may be so invested in their own version of the truth that they don’t actually realize that they’re being deceitful.

Cancer has a martyrdom complex


Cancer’s “shadow side,” as astrologer Genevieve Vierling writes, can lend bearers of the star sign to hold deep grudges over emotional slights, which in turn leads to what is ostensibly a martyrdom complex. Essentially, Cancers may get bogged down with the feeling that they’re always making sacrifices for others – and so, they are in turn owed something.

Leo is dominating

Like all star signs, Leos share a few negative traits, but the one that’s perhaps the creepiest is their dominating side. Indeed, they’re keen to be the ones in control, and therefore naturally expect that everyone else will follow their decisions. Which, of course, isn’t a trait that everyone is going to be on board with…

Virgo is a sexual fantasist


While Virgos may appear to be wholesome and pure on the surface, bubbling below is a fiery, untamed beast – at least when it comes to the bedroom. Yes, Virgos are apparently known for harboring some pretty twisted sexual fantasies. However, they likely won’t act on them – unless, of course, they meet the perfect person…

Libra is obsessed with motives

Knowing the reasons why people do the things they do isn’t inherently creepy – until it turns into an obsession, that is. Indeed, Libras are said to be known for scouring the internet to learn about the deepest and darkest ebbs of humanity. Let’s just hope that nobody ever checks their search history…

Scorpio has violent fantasies


Many of us are prone to unwelcome thoughts – in this case, an involuntary urge to do something dreadful – but it’s Scorpios who are apparently particularly disposed to these violent fantasies. And while they may never actually follow through with them, the fact remains that they’re always there.

Sagittarius flees from problems

Sometimes, being truly “free” isn’t necessarily a good thing. Just ask a Sagittarius. After all, the star sign may be linked to a burning desire for freedom, but that also includes being free from responsibility. And that means that a Sagittarius is far more likely to run away from their problems.

Capricorn has murderous fantasies


Don’t get us wrong – Capricorns aren’t wandering around hoping to bump off everyone they know just for fun. Indeed, their murderous fantasies are actually linked to their desire to succeed in life, no matter the cost. Thankfully, they don’t really intend to go through with it – but they do love planning it out.

Aquarius dreams up eulogies

If Capricorns are strange for having murderous fantasies, they have nothing on those born into the sign of the water bearer. Indeed, an Aquarius will apparently spend their time thinking of what they’d say at your funeral. Fortunately, it’s not because they’re planning to kill you – it’s simply one of the only ways that they can imagine expressing their own emotions.

Pisces has a superhero complex


Being highly empathetic isn’t always a good thing, as any Pisces will likely tell you. After all, while it can inspire others to display the same affection, it can also make seeing people in pain even harder. And to that end, members of this particular star sign are known for wanting to save everyone – even if it means risking their own wellbeing.