40 Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Notes Left By Neighbors Who Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore

It can be hard to say what you feel all of the time, so writing it down is sometimes a good option. Where those penned proses end up is your choice, but we advise against sending hastily scratched, scathing messages to any annoying neighbors. And if you’re wondering why, just a take a look at this list.

40. Cock-a-doodle-don’t

The person who shared this message said that she found it under her roommate’s windshield wiper. But, plot twist: the pair did not own a rooster. In fact, they hadn’t even heard one anywhere near their property.

39. Not enough holiday spirit

Everyone’s taste in music varies. But one apartment dweller pushed their neighbor to the note-writing limit when they insisted on playing Christmas music non-stop – in March, no less.

38. A picture’s worth 1,000 convictions

Sometimes, passive-aggressive notes don’t need any words. They can instead be photos of, say, the person who stole your Christmas decorations. That’ll get the message across, too.

37. Law of the lawn


The person who shared this photo to Imgur claimed that the neighbors had a fight over their lawn and then… this. The note reads, “To whoever called the police on my lawn instead of talking to me like a good neighbor: your move.”

36. Bottled it

Anyone who steals their neighbor’s Amazon package is in the wrong. But this note’s recipient may have taken it to another level: they apparently stole a ferret’s water bottle shipped for someone’s fussy cat that refused to drink from a bowl.

35. Pup-sive-aggressive notes


Cleaning up after your dog is one of your biggest neighborly duties. Indeed, failure to do so might result in a passive-aggressive – and perhaps even sarcastic – note like this one.

34. Already paid for parking

Theoretically, paying for a parking space means that the purchaser can use it as they wish. And that’s exactly what this note says – the Fisher-Price car will take the spot I paid for, thank you very much.

33. Shade in the sunshine


Sometimes the only way to change a neighbor’s bad behavior is with a publicly shared passive-aggressive note. This one highlights a neglectful pet owner’s failure to clean up with a bit of sunshine – and lots of shade.

32. Frosty relations

The redditor who shared this note said that it appeared on their sister and brother-in-law’s front door when they came home one day. Apparently, the neighbors didn’t like what they could see.

31. Passive-aggression totally permitted


The user on Reddit who shared this photo said that their father’s neighbor always butts in to ask for a permit regarding yard work they are doing. So, the poster came up with the perfect way of saying yes to that question.

30. Prehistoric passive-aggression

Sometimes, a stomping upstairs neighbor can sound like they come from a different era. As such, this seething note theorizes that the person above them is not a human at all.

29. Cameraman callout


You could call the police on a devious neighbor, or you could hang a massive passive-aggressive note on your balcony to help them correct their behavior. Indeed, it’s up to you.

28. Call of Duty calls

Sometimes, an angry note comes from the person causing problems. This individual apparently knew their video-game-centric screaming would be off-putting, so they apologized in advance.

27. Sarcastically speaking


One way to handle an inconsiderate neighbor is with a heaping helping of sarcasm. Just ask this note-writer, who very ironically wrote to compliment a booming speaker system kept on until the wee hours.

26. Wi-Fi wars

Sometimes, passive-aggressive notes take more than just a physical form. In this example, warring neighbors rely on their Wi-Fi network names to bash one another for their musical tastes and grammatical skills, respectively.

25. Planting the seeds


Everyone loves plants these days, so you might be able to understand the ire of someone whose greens have gone missing. Yes, that act is nearly comparable to punching kittens.

24. Give them cattitude

Apparently, you can save a neighborhood cat with passive aggression. Just look at this note, which shames an outdoor feline owner’s lackadaisical care of their feline. We imagine the pet went inside after this.

23. Heavy footed foes


Anyone who has lived in an apartment building understands what warranted this angry note. Or, maybe they just genuinely wanted to highlight their upstairs neighbor’s love of cinder-block sandals.

22. Free parking tutorial

Communal parking lots shouldn’t be a pain if you have assigned spots. Of course, if things get out of order, you always have the passive-aggressive note method to sort things out.

21. Rating the revelers


As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” One note writer kind of took this to heart by issuing a full-length review of their neighbor’s late-night karaoke party that lasted until a horrifying 9:00 a.m.

20. Butting into it

The woman behind this message told Passive Aggressive Notes that she grew tired of smokers throwing the butts over their balconies with no care for those living below. So, she got to composing this beauty with their leftovers.

19. Clean up – or else


It appears that leaving dog poop behind is often the catalyst for a passive-aggressive note. In this case, the writer didn’t just admonish the culprit; they threatened them with retribution.

18. Cat addict

If you don’t do it for me, do it for my nicotine-addicted cat. That’s the line that this note-writer went with, and we’re sure it made an impression on the smokers in question.

17. Jacked your lantern


There are so many great things about having a toddler. They’re cute, funny and can’t read yet, so you can add expletives to the public passive-aggressive note you post in front of them.

16. Something’s bed-bugging me

There are plenty of fair reasons to break ties with your roommate – bedbugs being one of them. We might suggest having the “you’re moving out” discussion face-to-face, though.

15. Rinse cycle


Communal laundry facilities have more cons than pros, but this passive-aggressive note-writer came up with the perfect way to handle them all. If all else fails, simply throw your foe’s clothes into the freezing snow.

14. Wrong wife

Imagine deciding to do a nice gesture for your partner, so you leave a sweet love note for them on someone else’s car. Yes, that’ll teach you to stop trying.

13. One-man dog band


Someone with a lot of time on their hands – and many hours spent listening to a dog bark – created this burn of a poster advertising a local concert. Apparently, the show could last anywhere from 2 to 12 hours, which is a great bargain for ticket-holders who stay all night.

12. Not mincing words

If you own a dog, its business is your responsibility, which means it shouldn’t go in the neighbor’s trash can. And the woman who thought she was secretly ditching her dog doo clearly needed to learn this lesson from this fairly direct note.

11. Exorcising a right to silence


This message seems to make a pretty reasonable request, as people have to sleep and work during the week. The exorcism of demons, therefore, should only take place on the weekends.

10. Barking mad

There’s always that one neighborhood dog that almost drives you to do this. Hats off to the person who finally delivered the passive-aggressive note we all dream of sending.

9. Drying takes a lifetime


We have a feeling this note-writer is going to look for an in-unit washer-and-dryer in their next property. That way, they won’t have to wait a lifetime for their neighbors’ clothes to dry.

8. Return to sender

Often, a passive-aggressive note structure will begin with a compliment before breaking down the reader with an insult. This time, a neighbor could no longer stand a subpar mailbox next to a beautiful house.

7. Trash talk


Taking out the trash isn’t the most fun household chore, but throwing things down a garbage chute is a blast. So, hopefully, this passive-aggressive note helped the recipient realize how good they had it.

6. Networking with the neighbors

We’re all guilty of logging onto unlocked Wi-Fi networks, but would any of us be this bold about trying to get back online? Well, we certainly hope not.

5. It wasn’t me


The golden rule of passive-aggressive note-writing is to make sure you send your message to the right person. Otherwise, an even snarkier response may follow.

4. Not so peachy

Apparently, the person who left this note had once allowed his neighbors to take fruit from his trees. But when someone took his last lemon, he drew the line – and started leaving angry notes on the produce.

3. Mending fences


Some people make their neighbor’s yards their own priority. This passive-aggressive note – painted on a fence by a clearly fed-up property owner – shows why you should care a lot less.

2. Not fine and dandy

Sometimes, the best notes come in pairs. In this case, one person complained about their neighbor’s dandelions. So they, in turn, left a note for the rest of the neighborhood.

1. Planting the seeds of friendship


Not all passive-aggressive notes have rude intentions. In this message, someone asks their neighbor to move their potted plants so that their pets can maintain their friendship. Now that is cute.